BRAG Crime Watch

Neighbors Looking Out For Neighbors

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You deserve to feel safe in your own neighborhood.

An active and engaged Crime Watch program helps your neighbor remain safe and welcoming.

BRAG Crime Watch helps neighborhoods stay safe.

Here’s how we do it:

BRAG Crime Watch Community

Maintaining a safe community is an all-hands-on-deck effort. Residents and businesses need IMPD, and IMPD needs our residents and businesses. We work to bring it all together to create a safe community for everyone.

Build Relationships

Crime Watch Groups

We support and guide the formation of Crime Watch groups in BRAG area neighborhoods.

Create Community

Reliable Information

We provide neighborhoods with reliable information on reported crimes and crime data.


Best Practices

We train and educate our BRAG area neighborhoods on crime prevention best practices and measures.

Build Relationships

IMPD Connection

We foster interactions of residents and IMPD North District officers and leadership.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Resources

Report a Traffic Complaint

Search Local Crime Incident Data

Start a Crime Watch in Your Neighborhood

Complete the form below and our Crime Watch Coordinator will reach out to you to answer your questions and guide you in launching a new Crime Watch program.