Binford Redevelopment and Growth

Building a Fun and Thriving Community

around the northeast corner of Indianapolis, IN.

BRAG works for the commercial and residential enhancement of Binford Boulevard, adjacent neighborhoods, and the Castleton area.




Everyone wants to live in a community with a variety of fun opportunities.

Our community should be thriving, safe, and fun. We’ve spent over 15 years working to make our corner of Indianapolis a thriving and safe community to live in. We will keep doing that, but now it’s time to have some fun too!

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

When there are fun things to do, you have opportunities to build lasting relationships nearby.

Create Community

Create Community

Building more relationships makes more than a place to live, but a real community that cares.



We all want to feel like we belong in the community we live in. That is what we’re working toward.

Together, we can build a community we all desire.

Here’s our plan to do it.

BRAG Community Festival Jane Pauley Center
Share your Ideas

1. Share Your Ideas

Tell us what activities, events, and entertainment you think would make this community more fun.

Join The Team

2. Join The Team

Help us take your ideas and bring them to life. It will take a village, but together we can make it happen.

Have Fun

3. Have Fun!

Whether you shared ideas and helped execute them or not, we want everyone to have a blast living in the BRAG community.

In the words of our neighbors

A business closes, office shuttered, landscaping neglected. You don’t notice at first, but gradually a once vibrant retail community begins to fall into disrepair. Enter BRAG! Through BRAG’s leadership and the dedication of its members, the area once again boasts attractive businesses and services, shops and restaurants, and sought-after affordable residential neighborhoods.


Kathi Rogers | BRAG Area Resident

When we first moved to Avalon Hills, there was not a defined area at 71st and Binford. The corridor was not inviting, welcoming or warm! We were so lucky to have moved in right when BRAG was forming! Now, we have a wonderful neighborhood feeling that we did not have 20 years ago.


Erin Dorsey | BRAG Area Resident

I moved into East Avalon Hills 22 years ago when my oldest was in Kindergarten. Then, we either stayed in our neighborhood or packed up the car with kids and bikes and headed to Ft. Harrison or the Monon. Recently, through BRAGs work, the trail system has greatly improved. I can leave my neighborhood now and make it to the state park, Monon, or even downtown without leaving a trail system.


Mary Carson, BRAG Area Resident

You should have access to all the fun you want right here in your community.

At BRAG, we know you want to live in a community where you feel like you belong. The problem is, if we’re honest, our area lacks the kind of fun activities and infrastructure that lend to helping you meet new people and build relationships that last. That leaves you feeling frustrated because you’re constantly having to travel to fill those gaps.

We believe you should have all the fun you want right here in your community! We live in this community too, and understand how frustrating it can be to have to load up in the car and head to neighboring communities for activities, events, and entertainment when you’re already short on time as it is.

For more than 15 years, BRAG has worked to make this community a great place to live. Now it’s time to have some fun.

Let’s do this together! Here’s how…

  • First, share your ideas! Tell us what kinds of activities, events, and locations you want to see in our community.
  • Second, join the team! Help us take your ideas and bring them to life. It will take a village, but together we can make it happen.
  • Third, have fun! We want everyone to have a blast living in the BRAG community.

How much more simple would life be if you had everything you need close by? Join us by sharing your ideas so we can make this a community we’re all proud to be and feel like we belong.

We will still continue all the work BRAG is known for, but we want to expand that into making sure you have easy access to fun and exciting things to do with friends and family so you feel like you belong.

Upcoming Events in the BRAG Area

No events schedule at this time

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The BRAG Promise:

As a BRAG board, made up of your neighbors, we promise to always


Be Your Voice


Keep You Informed


Work Hard to Build a Community You Love

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