Enhanced Crime Watch Efforts

IMPD has reached out to neighborhood organizations asking that we encourage all residents and area businesses to step up crime watch efforts. IMPD is concerned that citizens are not reporting suspicious activity and neighborhood and business crimes.

When to dial 911?

  • 911 is the number to dial to report criminal activity in progress, fire, medical emergencies, shots fired, any life threatening incident, and suspicious activity.
  • Stay calm. Give your name, location and nature of the emergency.
  • Answer the 911 Dispatcher’s questions as accurately as possible.
  • Never hang up on the 911 Dispatcher until you are told to do so.
  • Do not dial 911 for non-emergency situations.
  • For non-emergency situations, such as noisy neighbors or a stolen bicycle use the Non-Emergency number: 327-3811

How 911 Works?

Example: What to do if you are looking out of your window and notice a person breaking into your neighbor’s home….

  • You should immediately go to the phone and dial 911.
  • Even while you are talking, an officer is already on the way. Try to remain calm and answer all of the dispatcher’s questions to the best of your ability – we understand you may be excited.
  • DO NOT HANG UP! For the safety of the officer who is on the way and all people involved, it is very important that the dispatcher on the phone gets all the necessary information about the emergency and the suspects.


Information most needed:

Never tell a 911 operator that a situation is more serious than it really is just to get faster service. It is against the law to intentionally give false information to the police.

911 Emergency Examples:

  • Robbery, burglary or larceny in progress (i.e.: Someone breaking into your home or vehicle or one of your neighbors’ homes or vehicles now)
  • Shootings •  Fires or Medical emergency
  • Traffic injury – crashes •  Person asking for help
  • Domestic Violence / Abuse •  Fights or displays of weapons
  • Criminal activity •  Any suspicious activity happening at the time of your call.


Non-Emergency Examples:

A non-emergency call is simply a request for police service that is not a life or death situation, and it is not “in progress”. The non-emergency line is (317) 327-3811. An officer can handle some of these calls over the phone such as:

  • Vandalism (not in progress) •  Stolen property (not in progress)
  • Criminal or Suspicious Activity •  Loud Party

(not in progress)




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